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Amfiteatrul Transilvania

Everything beautiful about Romania, its old part, traditional colors, ancient smells and flavors, its beauty, uniqueness and breathtaking images.

Amfiteatrul Transilvania, an ecological complex, placed on 100 hectares, a place like a distant heaven, tells stories from the moment you travel the hills in order to find it. It is there, far away from the cities and the modern noise, not in kilometers, but in feelings.

Zabola Estate

There is magic everywhere. Next to the old fireplace, in those rooms designed like stories, lying in a chaise longue near the lake, breathing the wild air, walking in the forest, discovering the beautiful domain, simply watching the nature.

Raven s Nest

Imagine a green oasis, surrounded by high mountains, wild valleys, covered above by an infinite blue sky. We arrived at Raven’s Nest, for sure one of our favorite locations, literally the home of ravens and eagles. Here, in Sub Piatra village, in Alba county and beautiful Transylvania, the young owners found, at the beginning of their story, an ensemble of barns, sheds, and stables that locals would use for grazing and hay-making from mid-spring to mid-autumn

Bio Valeputna Guesthouse

Bucovina is sun and green. Hills chained in a fairytale outline, laid out at every step, making your road, view, journey, more beautiful. Bucovina is strong air, red faces and all that still remained good in the country, tradition, past and people. It fascinates us, surprises us, makes us happy as meeting its land calms us down every time.

Casa Timis

Returning has also its charm. Not just the discovery of a new landscape, of an unprecedented sensation. Coming backrn to a dear place, in an already known air, in a familiar universe, has its beauty, magic and ritual. We returned to a place imprinted in our memory, for the good energy, peace and infinity that we find around. We discovered it today with a new image, changing, in progress, creating a new story

Singureni Manor

“You are in a place that is especially dear to me, your host – it’s a place where I belong with my whole heart. I hope you’ll live an exquisite experience here and that it will remain fresh in your memory. I hope that Singureni Manor would become more than a beautiful place for a relaxing getaway. I hope that it will become a reference destination for all the people that appreciate the authentic, profound, transformative experiences. Be welcome.”

Bethlen Estates

The most beautiful part of us in contact with the world, traveling, meeting people and living all kinds of experiences – is getting inspired. That inspiration filled with beauty, gratitude, understanding, warmth and hope. Hope that we all need in order to change and grow. As beautiful things come often from the most unexpected places, we had the chance to live an AHA moment.

Das Fort Boutique

Gather in your mind the feelings of all the places where you stopped, with your soul, over time; present or more distant. Meet and enjoy the world through tastes, flavors, details, images and colors. Imagine the place of your new journey. What would it look like? Would it be vast, mysterious, personal, isolated and yet so full of life? Would history and future be at the same window?

Conacul lui Maldar

Conacul lui Maldăr, situated in Măldărești, Vâlcea county, is our place of beauty, peace and tradition. It became one of our favourite places to visit, enjoy and to share. We came back so many times in the last years, but every time we find something new to feel and cherish about it. Conacul lui Maldăr is that beautiful and unique mix of silence, time standing still, amazing food, perfect details and passionate people.

Bethlen-Haller Castle

True beauty is often hidden in the most unexpected places; stories, times, parts of the world and people. Moreover, we find meaning, uniqueness and real beauty every time we accidentally encounter… imperfection, incompleteness, turmoil. The fact that nothing is ever perfect, in life and travel, inspires us, as it helps us realize that nothing beautiful in the world would be born of flawless events and that we would not even need such a thing.

La Saivan Bio Retreat and Farm

Have you ever dreamed about a place? Have you ever imagined your ideal piece of heaven, like a green distant oasis? Have you thought about its landscapes, shapes, air, trees and flowers or its sky? Well, the place of your dreams really exists. If you imagine it as a natural corner, high on a hill, surrounded by the mountains, facing a breathtaking view and feeling just like home, than this is your dream place too.

Conacul Molnos

Places are definitely the result of people, thoughts, habits, shared passions. What we always find beautiful and fascinating in traditional travel is the perfect mix between history, tradition, context and personal imprint: of the hosts or community. These people are actually the ones who inspire and create the places where we discover every time so many stories.

Castle Hotel Daniel

Daniel Castle, in Tălișoara, Covasna county,  is one of a kind place, having a beautiful, similar story. With 350 years of history, 20 unique rooms, a gourmet twist, and a cellarium slow down spa, it has all you need for an amazing weekend & a break. Here the owners are very involved and you will feel yourself most welcome. They adapt and learn quickly and we salute this willingness and passion.

Crama Apogeum

Quiet, walking slowly on one of the most beautiful roads. A certain melancholy, specific to the autumn and the place. A warm, golden light that captures everything with it and creates thousands of small, discreet sparkles around. The most beautiful colors, vivid and at the same time so warm – red, yellow and green, all together. Harmony. The feeling that time stands still, again and again, that not a minute of your life passes by stepping on the path that opens a world to you, beyond the gate.

Cincsor. Transilvania. Case de Oaspeti

Your childhood street. The voices. Those nice people who always offer help. The fresh air. The old school. The houses you remember somehow. The memories. The smell of burnt wood. That smell of autumn. The nicest weather. Never too much of anything. Those cozy happy days. And all the colors you love.

Satul Banului Guesthouse

October has just begun in color. An unusual sun and air, so warm and peaceful. We are not going far from Bucharest this weekend, we just want rest, beginning and wandering, at the same time close and far. The road takes us to Prahova, where we travel through the small streets of Satul Banului village. At the end of the road, unexpectedly, as always, we discover a corner of another part of the world, different from what we saw and lived in our path so far.

Schuster Boarding House

An Art Nouveau house, dating from 1914, restored and reborn in Brașov. A premium experience, stylish accommodation and a rooftop terrace with great city view. It is what we found on the most beautiful street corner of Brașov, a wonderful building and a flawless world beyond it.

Casa Filip Sarichioi

Some houses, places, families are like pieces of heaven. Of grace, peace, light, gratitude. A traditional house reborn even more beautiful on a forgotten alley, the laughter and hospitality of the host reminding us once again why we are connected to these lands, the families returning from the church on Sunday, each wearing the inherited traditional clothes, multiculturalism, in humans, feelings, habits.

Conacul Archia

Today our testimonial is about courage, story and the people behind it. It all started at Conacul Archia with an idea, then turned into an authentic story: the opportunity to buy a property, the idea of building a family home away from the city, finally giving birth to a beautiful boutique hotel, now the main accommodation option in the area.

Veseud 11

We believe that a place means so many things; beautifully mixed together, each element with its own value and uniqueness: the location, the landscapes, the history behind, the traditional elements, the food, the environment, the experience. But we strongly think that, especially in our times, a place is and must be about people.

Mesendorf Gasthaus

”Between Brașov and Sighișoara, hidden behind an old Saxon door, lies the Meșendorf Gasthaus, an inviting escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the day-to-day routine.”

Prince of Wales Guesthouse

We have been driving from Bucharest for more than four hours. The weekend traffic, the general unrest, plus traveling by night which is not our favorite thing to do. We were going to Covasna county, in beautiful Romania, more exactly to Valea Zalanului where His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales owns a natural retreat, nestled amongst meadows and hills.

Casa Boierului din Deal

The aroma and flavor of a past life. A special charm, a complete silence in every corner. A beautiful, smooth, undisturbed landscape, like a straight line that goes from the beginning of the world to the other. Clouds and clear, colors of the sunset, blurred shapes and contours, shades close to the earth, a bohemian air.

Upperhouse Boutique Hotel

Probably the favorite view over Brașov city: the old center revealing in front of us, at the base of Tâmpa Mountain. History again, past and contemporaneity, pieces of style and architecture, people, nature. It’s all here, on the balcony of our room.

The Good House

Every guesthouse should tell a story. The stories actually inspire us in our search and journey: those about the hosts and their habits, unwritten rules and flavors of the house, those about distant memories that come back to us, about the warm feeling of hospitality and the family behind everything we are – as people and travelers. At The Good House Hărman we met again on our way the emotion: the quiet air, the details of an old, rebuilt house, the special and good people, our souls that get richer every time we meet hosts and houses that we love.

Vatra Boiereasca

Vatra Boierească, a place related to traditions, roots and ancestors. Here we rediscovered our grandmother’s house, in our stove also used as bed, enjoying the early morning on the porch, tasting the best dishes that Bucovina has to offer. In every old house, today place for the guests, the journey is actually made in time.

Villa Siana

Villa Siana, a small oasis in the well-known Bran, takes you for a moment from the daily routine, the hustle and bustle of the mountain resort and from everything you could imagine finding here. Believing that it probably can’t surprise you with anything, Siana is hidden on one of the secluded streets of the town, on the edge of a small hill, with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Vila Csonka

The elegant encounter with Villa Csonka gave us a moment to go back in time, fascinated by the warm but sophisticated dialogue we took part in. A historical monument villa, in a park with an area of ​​3500 sqm, Secession style, the atmosphere from the 1900s. All in beautiful Târgu Mureș. Villa Csonka was restored between 2011 and 2013 and can be admired from the lobby of Privo Hotel, located next to the wonderful building, part of the same group.

Magnolia Resort

What we encounter on our way, when we reach our destination, is always different. The wonderful hosts, the story of the place, the surprising details, the energy, its history, all find us differently every time. We enjoy meeting people, getting to know them, telling stories, being in the company of those who build beautifully, listening to their stories or enjoying their dishes. But there are times when we fully enjoy loneliness.

Haita Land Chalet

We leave behind the settlements, the people and the asphalt. The landscape becomes richer in beauty, depth, complexity. At the foot of Călimani Mountains we discover a piece of world: a land of the pack, above wonderful Bucovina, of endless hills that carry small haystacks, in a breathtaking landscape, with the most beautiful colors.

Wolkendorf Bio Hotel and Spa

Nature living all around. A road that easily leads us to the forest. Fresh air, the sound of leaves, the sun found through every branch, corner of the road, thought of ours. We arrived in a secluded place, far from what we knew but close to us, from the beginning, through the joy, warmth, familiarity that it inspires. A small bio oasis, where children find their joy outside, in the games of yesterday, nature, birds and animals feel safe and we, the adults, enjoy a long-awaited moment, just for breathing.

Delta Boutique and Carmen Silva Resort

We have always found The Danube Delta as fascinating. In addition to the beauty, diversity, color, landscape and experience, the simple thought that we have a corner of nature unique in the world. What do we do next? It would be wonderful to preserve, to repair, to grow. Experiences in The Danube Delta are becoming more and more popular, as the number of guesthouses and travel offers have increased.

Conacul Secuiesc

At Conacul Secuiesc we discovered a house with beautiful architecture, details and colors specific to the place, quiet rooms, Transylvanian food and the most beautiful view of the place, at the window: at the foot of Piatra Secuiului, which “convinces even the sun to rise twice”.

Casuta din Scobai

Maramureș – an area far away from everything we know, but for so long on the list of the most desired Romanian experiences. The first visit to the land of wood made us understand that spirituality and tradition are interconnected, that we will keep and love the authenticity as long as we remain close to God, religion being perhaps among the few truths that still brings man close to the essence.

Porumbacu Treehouse

At Porumbacu Treehouse you have an experience close to your nature. You are alone with the world within you. And if you want peace, detachment, simple food and a village to wander, then Porumbacu de Sus can be your ideal host.

Alma Via Guesthouse

This time the story begins in Germany and not in Romania: Mike and Marion, dedicated to working in large companies, living the cosmopolitan and hurried life of big cities. They arrived in Romania many years ago, following their jobs, deciding in the end that Bucharest was not exactly the place where they wanted to stay, after all the time living the urban life.

Hadar Chalet

There are always magic and fairytales inside a forest. And when you find a place like this, be ready for all kinds of wonders. Our experience into the fairytale world of Hadar started after leaving the modern roads behind us, entering a forest, discovering our way through the woods.

Valea Verde Retreat

We discovered Valea Verde many years ago, exactly as its name is saying – The Green Valley – a wide, beautiful, fresh, green oasis. Besides the wonderful domain and the things we found here, the story of the place happened to be our favorite part. Valea Verde is actually a love story, between two persons and also a beautiful one about Romania. Imagine Ulrike and Jonas Schäfer visiting little Cund, in Transylvania (Mureș county) and falling in love with these lands.


Some places get directly to our hearts. And we have been thinking why some of them have that special something. It’s not all the time about the location, the facilities, the food or the environment but more about the feeling, the stories, the part of the past they bring back to present, or the part of yourself these places reveal again to you.

Limanul Resort

Wild but still relaxing. Basic but having everything you need. Peaceful but full of color, life, breeze and sun. This is how we found Limanul Resort, a beautiful oasis placed in one of the most beautiful and wildest places of Europe: The Danube Delta. As for us The Danube Delta is and has always been an endless source of beauty, biodiversity and inspiration, we find ourselves extremely happy every time we discover special places where we can really feel the spirit and taste of this land.

The Pines Boutique Villa

In the never stopping journey from one place to another, passing the fortified churches in the Saxon villages, leaving behind the guesthouses, elegant mansions, the old noble families, young people moving to villages, admiring the mountain peaks, forests, lands, seasons and people, we stop or “return”, from time to time, to the city. Cities can also have interesting stories, being a world in world, with beautiful people, experiences and a different kind of color.

Zara Chalet

At the beginning of the 13th century, the first Bran castle, called Dietrichstein, of the Teutonic order, was built in the form of a wooden fort. It was destroyed by the Mongols in 1242 and Sigismund of Hungary began building a stone castle in 1377, when the settlement of Bran began to develop. Both the castle and the settlement were strategic points, protecting the passage between Transylvania and Wallachia.

Vila Katharina

Imagine a city next to the mountains, which is old and new, somewhere between now and then. The old streets, the buildings telling stories, the air of past & present together. Than imagine a door in the middle of a little street, behind which you enter another era. Imagine a glimpse in time and space, when and where you leave the world you know behind.

Apafi Manor

The stories of rebirth, recovery and going on are the most beautiful stories. There is hope in every ruin, forgotten thing, in every road that has lost its meaning for a while. Today you can be a grandiose palace, but tomorrow a warehouse of old objects. Today a beautiful well-kept garden and tomorrow a wild corner of the world. Things, places, people can be, in different times and stories, both splendid and desolate. But ruin has its beauty, preserving the past and more than that, becoming, at any time, something even more beautiful.

Conacul Bratescu

We should all be grateful because there are people who create magical places and invite us in. This is how by hard work, passion and involvement they are always making our stays cozy, beautiful and inspiring. Conacul Brătescu was built in this way by a Romanian young couple born and raised in Bran. Even if Bran may sound like a crowded place, we have to explain that this mansion is located in a very quiet area, surrounded by nature and having a lovely view over the houses and mountains.

Pensiunea Iara

The Danube Delta is for sure one of the most beautiful symbols of Romania. It is, indeed, such a different and unique experience to be a traveler in this amazing area, as it is not similar to any of the Romanian experiences. Part of The UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas has 2200 square miles of rivers, channels, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands.

Richis 119

We all live in a paradox of the present time; the tendency to retreat to the simple, steady and authentic, a past time and the small pleasures of it, instead of living until the end the modern life we actually possess. There is a clear trend, perhaps stronger today, of finding refuge in basic things, of longing, melancholy or curiosity, in the case of those who have not experienced it, regarding what a life close to nature, tradition and values can offer.

Hanul Vatra

Joyful Spring in a wide, green space. Summer as the season of hay, fresh fruits and vegetables, picked from your own garden, but also the time of working in the household. Autumn of harvested fruits, the most beautiful colors, in the same time preparating for the winter. The last season comes with rest, retreat and peace, but also with plans for the holidays.

Casa Trappold

We both believe that every country has many parts, worlds, beliefs and stories. As there are things unsaid or unseen or left behind in every story. This is a story about that flawless and trustful part of Transylvania we didn’t learn about. All the beautiful people from a Saxon village, feeling sad for losing the youth, still hoping for the future that the ones coming and moving here from the big cities are bringing. The hospitality, smile, harmoniously living, besides cultural, national, ethnical or religious differences.

Castelul Haller

What a majestic entrance! The granite street towards the castle, the trees on the left and right, the castle view when you are get close to it, all these should be lived and felt in a slow motion. This Transylvanian castle was built in baroque style in the 17th century and it was owned by different Transylvanian noble families. In 1610 the domain and entire Ogra village entered in the property of Haller family and remained like this for 300 years.

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